Sitemap Builder

How to use this tool

This tool crawls your website and creates a Google Sitemap.

A Sitemap is an xml file that you place on your web server and submit to search engines. This helps search engine spiders, such as Googlebot, find out what pages are present on your site, their importance relative to each other, and which pages have recently changed. Using the tool is easy...

  • Spider Settings:
    • Max. Concurrent Connections: Specifies the number of connections to open while spidering your site.
    • Max. Pages To Index: Specifies the maximum number of pages to index (up to 1000 pages).
  • Sitemap Defaults:
    • Change Frequency: Sets the default change frequency of URLs indexed in the xml Sitemap.
    • Priority: Sets the default priority of URLs indexed in the xml Sitemap.
    • Last Modified: Sets the last modified date of pages in the sitemap. This can either be the value, if any, that your server reports, or the current date.

Important Information