Link Report Tool

How to use this tool

This tool creates a report based on the analysis of links on a web page. Enter a URL and click the "Generate Report" button.

  • Filter Links By: Allows you to select which type of links to view. Types Include:
    • All: All links on the page.
    • Broken: Links which report an HTTP error code or that are malformed.
    • Internal: Links that belong to the same web site.
    • Outbound: Links that link to different domain.
    • Redirected: Links which return a 3xx HTTP response code.
    • NoFollow: Links which include the rel="nofollow" attribute. Search engines won't follow these.
    • Unknown: Links which could not be analyized.
  • Filter: Filter the links in the table.
  • Link Details: Gives a short summary of the link. Inclues the link url, anchor text, http response, and any problems encountered.
  • Link HTML: Shows the HTML code of the link on the web page.

Important Information